• KNOWURBOSS.COM was created with the belief that transparency is the best sunshine.
  • This is a forum where people can view reviews about employees and organizations.
  • Reviews done by people who have actually used the service/product are real, honest and easily understood.
  • Isn't it a pity that we have reviews about services like hotels, restaurants, and products like televisions, computers, phones and what not. But there is no reviews and feedback about professionals in various industries.
  • This is a small attempt and hopefully will help people to take better decisions while accepting job offers and for HR Managers while recruiting.
  • This concept is also for those people who love to have honest feedback about themselves as it leads to self-improvement, becoming a better professional and most importantly a better person.
  • Since this is a community building initiative, its success is entirely dependent on active participation from each of you by contributing reviews and feedback and promoting the concept to others.
  • I am sure in the long term your effort will contribute towards the greater good of the industry.